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The Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth of Cyprus, acts as the main exponent of the state’s identity in regards to contemporary culture, promoting and supporting the art of dance through a series of events. These events are also considered as the starting point for new cultural explorations, while at the same time they serve as proof of the constant drive to develop creativity through the expression of dance and the promotion of all the choreographers who are currently working in Cyprus. 


The long-term collaboration of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, with the Rialto Theater, has resulted in the development of the Contemporary Dance Platform, which takes place every year, since 2001. The purpose of the Platform was and still continues to be the support, development and presentation of new projects and creators of contemporary dance in Cyprus, as well as their promotion at various festivals abroad.


Always keeping up with the major developments in the dance scene and the new challenges for choreographers working in Cyprus, the Organizers could not but explore and introduce new ideas for the Dance Platform. Based on this philosophy, in 2019, the Dance Platform was renamed into the Choreography Platform, aiming to encourage and promote particularly young choreographers.


Moreover, it is worth mentioning that significant innovations were introduced for this year's events in order to diversify and explore the participants’ dance concepts.  


In this context, “mentoring”, is one concept which is introduced for the first time this year. The concept aims to focus on young choreographers or anyone interested, in preparing a performance with creative  collaborators, monitoring the progress of their dance piece, in combination with their guidance and feedback.

A second innovation in this year's event is the national “Young Choreographers Award”. The philosophy of rewarding young choreographers is considered as one way of supporting them throughout their career from the beginning towards their evolvement, in order to continue their efforts and promote their work in Cyprus and abroad.


Cypriot choreographers or resident choreographers who have been living on the Island for the past five years and have presented at least two completed works can participate in the Platform’s events. All applications are evaluated by a three-member Selection Committee.


The Cyprus Choreography Platform with the participation of almost all choreographers in Cyprus is a very important event for our Island. Throughout the Platform’s events, parallel happenings take place by the Limassol  Dance House, thus constituting to the largest celebration dedicated exclusively to dance and its people.

Cyprus Choreography Platform