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Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform


Τhe Ministry of Education and Culture had the initiative to introduce and establish “Dance Platform - Dance Encounters” as an institution in 2001.

The Platform has contributed enormously to the advancement of dance in Cyprus by exposing works by artists and different dance groups in the field of contemporary dance. It reveals the richness of creativity, imagination and determination of the choreographers, as well as, the hard work and skills of the dancers all of which enable Cyprus Dance to succeed and prosper. The institution opens, at the same time, a window of opportunity for both creators and dancers to overcome linguistic and geographical boundaries and become ambassadors in the International Cultural scene.s

Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform is hosted and co-organised by the Rialto Theatre.


The 1st event was organised in March 2001 under the name “Dance Encounters”, and included the participation of the following groups:  Amphidromo Chorotheatro, Chorotheatro Omada Pente, Chorotheatro Arianna Economou and Chorokinisi Choreftiki Omada.

1st Prize: Chorotheatro Arianna Economou for “Deep-Rise… from Dusk till Dawn”

2nd Prize: Chorotheatro Omada Pente for “Daily Small Deaths”


In March 2002 it was renamed “Platform of Creative Dance” and the following groups participated in the 2nd event: Synthesis Dance Group, Chorotheatro Omada Pente,  Amphidromo Chorotheatro and Chorotheatro Arianna Economou.

1st Prize: Chorotheatro Arianna Economou for “In Dark Times”

2nd Prize: Chorothearo Omada Pente for “Fouro tou Erota”


The 3rd event under the name “Platform-Dance Encounters” took place in March 2003 with the participation of the following five groups: Echo Arts, Synthesis Dance Group, Pelma Group and Chorotheatro Omada Pente.

1st Prize: Omada  Pelma for “Evergreen”

2nd Prize: Amphidromo Chorotheatro for “Lifetime”


The 4th Platform took place in March 2004 with the participation of the following groups: Echo Arts, Synthesis Dance Group, Chorotheatro Omada Pente, Cultural Group Morfi, Amfidromo Chorotehatro, Soma, Solipsism, En Drasi and InterAct.

1st Prize: Solipsism for “Politeness to Save Face”

1st Prize: En Drasi for “Squaring the Circle”

2nd Prize: InterAct for “Babble on”


At the fifth Platform the following thirteen groups took part: Carolina Constantinou (Parakentro), Streetbeats, Echo Arts, Soma, Selas Dance Company, Synthesis Dance Company, Pelma, Omada En drasi,  Christodoulos Panayiotou (Polina Thrasyvoulidou Contemporary Dance Company), Dance Theatre InterAct, Amfidromo Chorotehatro,  Alex Michael (Epilogi), Alexandra Waierstall & Co.

1st Prize: Dance Theatre InterAct for “An Angel on my Table”

2nd Prize: Carolina Constantinou (Parakentro) for “Wave”

2nd Prize: Alexandra Waierstall & Co. for “Shifts in Trace”

Special recommendation: Pelma for “Eye to I”

Special recommendation: Synthesis Dance Company for “Empty Room”


The 6th Dance Platform took place in March 2006 with the participation of fourtneen grups. Kyma, Streebeats, Echo Artds, Omada Soma, Pelma, Omada Horou Synthesis, En Drasi, Chorotheatro Omada 5, Amphidrono Chorotheatro, Jenunesses Musicales (Alexandros Michael), Noema Dance Works, InterAct, Solipsim, Selas Dance Company. As from this year, the Platform stopped being a competition.

In 2007, the 7th Dance Platform included eight participations with the groups En Drasi, Chorotheatro Omada Pente, InterAct, Noema Dance Works, Jeneusses Musicales, Pelma,Soma, Echo Arts.

As of this year, an effort to enrich the Platform was initiated with the organisation of parallel events such as a photo exhibition and projections of dance performances. Dance Platform was also supported by the Municipality of Limassol.


In 2008, the following groups participated at the Dance Platform: Interact, Jeunesses Musicales (Alexander Michael), Aelion Dance Co. En Drasi, Echo Arts, Amfidromo Chorotheatro, Epilogi (Elena Antoniou), Chrotheatro Omada Pende, Noema Dance Works, Soma, Enhoro

The effort to help this event grow and further develop continued at 2008. For the first time, the event “Dance Throughout the Year” was presented alongside the Dance Platform, at Dance House Lemesos which since last year participates actively to the platform organisation.  Another parallel event was the exhibition of photographs, drawings and video Light Line by Christos Avraamides and Horst Weierstall at ARTSTUDIO 55.


In 2009, the following groups participated at the Dance Platform: Jeunesses Musicales, Chrotheatro Omada Pende, Aelion Dance Co., Soma, Solipsism, Noema Dance Works, One/Off,  Echo Arts, Interact, Amfidromo Chorotheatro, pelma.lia haraki, Sinthesis. The parallel events continued and this year in cooperation with the Dance House Lemesos and included: Talking Dance, a theoretical framework to the Cyprus Dance platform. Within this framework, two lectures took place by Europe’s leading dramaturge Guy Cools (Belgium) and artist Kitt Johnson (Denmark) and a round table discussion.


The 10th Contemporary Dance Platform in 2010 had very high participation, with known dance groups of past participations such as One / Off, Chorotheatro Omada Pente,  Aelion, Synthesis,  Amfidromo, Noema Dance Works, En Drasi, Selas, Asomates Dinameis, Echo Arts, Pelma Lia Haraki, and Elena Antoniou and eight newcomer teams Erica Charalambous, Nothing to Declare, David Wood, Sonido-Nad, Arttitude, Stiliana Aristeidou, Natalie Heller and Transfiguratio. Τhe Parallel Events ‘Dance Throughout the year’ organized by the Dance House Lemesos with a performance by Emily Papaloizou, Evi Dimitriou and George Sisamos and Milena Ugren Koula, as well as, the Round Table discussion with the participants of the Dance Platform.

Three groups were distinguished at the Dance Platform and represented Cyprus at the 13th European Dance Festival in June 2010 such as Pelma Lia Haraki, Aelion and Amfidromo.


At the 11th Contemporary Dance Platform, 8 newcomer dance groups participated which were Nothing to Declare, Vanessa Haska, Artittude, Antonis Antoniou, Elsa Souroula, Arianna Marcoulides, Loizos Constantinou and Fouli Stylianidou, as well as 7 well known groups from past participations Asomates Dinameis, AELION, Echo Arts, Omada Pende, Speira Art Group, Noema Dance Works and Alexander Michael.

Dance Throughout the year was organized by Dance House Lemesos within the framework of the  Contemporary Dance Platform, with the performances of Elena Antoniou and the dance group En Drasi by Evie Demetriou, a choreographic seminar with Emilyn Claid and the Round Table Discussion with  Donald Hutera.

At the 14th European Dance Festival 2011, the team of Konstantinos Loizou and the team of Alexandra Waierstall, NOEMA DANCE WORKS represented Cyprus.


Fifteen teams participated at the 12th Contemporary Dance Platform with the dance groups Nothing to Declare, Asomates Dynameis, Aelion, Amfidromo Dance Company,.pelma.lia.haraki, Noema dance works, Echo Arts, En drasi, Chorotheatro Omada Pende and the choreographers Milena Ugren Koulas, Marina Pogiatzi, Loizos Constantinou, Fotis Nikolaou and Harry Koushos.

The parallel events "Dance throughout the year" organized by the Dance House Lemesos, included pieces of Harry Koushos, Emily Papaloizou and 2 discussions led by Roberto Casarrotto & Peggy Olislaegers and Cosmin Manulescu.

Cyprus was represented at the 15th European Dance Festival by .pelma.lia.haraki and choreographers Milena Ugren Koulas and Harry Koushos.


13 dance groups and choreographers participated in the 13th Contemporary Dance Platform which are Fotis Nikolaou, Fouli Stylianidou, Harry Koushio, Aelion, Amfidromo, Eliza Kapodistria, .pelma., Alexander Michael, Milena Ugren Koulas, Magia Kikkidou, Asomates Dynameis, Kalomoiri Eva & Anestou Mairi – Fofi and Noema Dance Works. Within the framework of the organization “Dance Throughout the Year” by Dance House Lemesos a round table discussion with Roberto Cassaroto, along with pieces of Christina Patsali, Kalia Maliali, Eleana Alexandrou, Giorgou Dimopoulou & Styliana Aristeidou and Petros Konnaris. At the 16th European Dance Festival the dance groups .pelma. – Lia Haraki, Noema Dance Works of Alexandra Waierstall and Amfidromo of Elena Christodoulidou represented Cyprus.