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Day 3

Elena Antoniou

i open my palm.i called a space. - 42'

The project focuses on the choreographer’s research about the physical and emotional limits of a solo performer. Here, the movement creates parallel conditions, evoking the constant transition between the sound and the visual environment. The body exists in space as a material, using different textures and dynamics; sometimes in harmony with the architecture and sometimes in contrast. The beholder exists equally in the space, having responsibility and an active relation with the details of the action. The movement is unilateral, with lack of response, starting from one point and heading to another, yet never reaching an end. The acceptance or rejection of this state of mind, together with the absence of message, equals incitement to madness.

Choreography/Performance: Elena Antoniou

Directing/ Dramaturgy: Polys Peslikas

Music/Sound Installation: Stavros Gasparatos

Photos/Video: Stelios Kallinikou

Project Manager: Argyris Argyrou


The performance was funded by Terpsichore (2016), a choreographic research program initiated and sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus.

Panayiotis Tofi

Never Been Missed - 10'

Two bodies welcome a transparent energy that discreetly makes its way into the space. The concealed presence, that has never been missed, initiates an unfamiliar movement journey, awakening withdrawn painful memories while testing physical limits. The research embraces the writings of: Franco Bifo Berardi: The Soul at Work. From alienation to autonomy, Avery F. Gordon: Ghostly Matters. Haunting and the sociological imagination and Miltos Sahtouris: The Orange Tree.

Performance: Alexia Nicolaou, Panayiotis Tofi

Music composition: Emiddio Vasquez

Voice/Narration: Melissa Garcia Carro

Costumes: Rea Olympiou

Mentor: Bush Hartshorn


Special thanks: Viky Kalla, Philipos Evangelou

Eleana Alexandrou

10' - 10'

The fact that I’m taking part in the Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform is quite unexpected. I’m not a “normal”dancer (according to its standards), but I’m very happy to be part of the festival. As it is officially the first time I participate as a choreographer, I have ten minutes. I will do my best to communicate, within this timeframe my sense of alertness about the times we currently live in, as well as my need to enter into a dialogue with the Platform itself. I have a lot of questions about my role as an artist or the role of Art in general, especially the role of this “incomprehensible” dance - as my dad calls it.

Choreography/ Dramaturgy: Eleana Alexandrou

Performers: Fotis Nikolaou, Eleana Alexandrou

Sound design and performance: Panos Bartzis

Lighting design: Alexander Jotovic

Sevim Akpinar

She/LL - 10'

She/LL reveals the physical and emotional struggle of three women who attempt to reach “perfection”. They bear the burden of their incorporated history, which derives from the influences of social coercion, prohibiting any expression of weakness. Their ongoing struggle for flawlessness – in which they are requested to admirably succeed – is their only way to avoid being considered as “vulnerable”. However, in this pursuit of prevention and fear of failure, they are trapped in the unhealthy obsession with perfection.

Choreography: Sevim Akpinar,

Performers: Sevim Akpinar, Liliya Biroğul, Yuliya Meyzin Hermaniuk

Set/ Costumes: Toya Akpinar

Video: Israel Pimenta, Sezin Uluch,

LIGHTING DESIGN: Alexander Jotovic