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Day 3

Panayiotis Tofi

through me, THEM-- 20’


A choreographic piece that has been created having as a point of departure the movement response of women, submitted through one-minute videos after an open call. Participants were asked to share, their unique, personal experience in regard to male dominance, loss, and isolation through bodily movement. The movement material received has been put together and has been edited towards the creation of an integrated piece, performed by the male choreographer, considering that his body is a means contributing towards the communication of female struggle in social context, at current times.



Concept, research, choreography, performance: Panayiotis Tofi

Videos submitted by: Sandra Adiarte (DE), Jodi Ann Nicholson (UK), Maria Bamiha (CY), Safiye Bağkur (CY), Mine Çelik (CY), Areti Chourdaki (FR), Gülperi Doğaner (CY), Çisem Eray (CY), Maria Erotokritou (CY), Bridget Finn (UK), Sonay Gardıyanoğlu (CY), Düriye Gökçebağ (CY), Figen Gürgöze (CY), Panayiota Κapnisi (CY), Pembe Külah (CY), Marianna Mouchsiadou (CY), Jana Otčenášková (CZ), Mürüde Özenen (CY), Natasa Panayi (CY), Kristýna Sedláčková Weiserová (CZ), Nandia Theocharidou (CY), Gizem Topönder (CY), Marilena Ttofi (CY), Eda Türmen (CY), Sevya Türmen (CY), Huri Yontucu (CY).

Music composition: Jakub Otčenášek, Antonis Antoniou

Costume and stage design: Rea Olympiou - George Yiannou

Lighting design: Panagiotis Manousis

Photography: Theodora Iacovou


Special Thanks:

Anthi Antoniadou, Bori Choi, Stavros Stavrou, Elena Andreou

Asomates Dynameis, Andromachi Dimitriadou Lindahl

Duet / One - 15’


Body memory 2. One


A reflection on identity, femininity and time.

A body is carrying, is supporting, is balancing, is handling, is invading or is invaded by another body. By alternating moments of independence and interdependence/duality, the two bodies create an organism of its own, which is in a constant process of development. The two bodies are meeting and separating in a symbiotic flux which recalls early memories,  and invites us to reflect and open up to a new understanding of how we regard desire, necessity, and our connection to the world.



Choreography / dramaturgy   Andromachi Dimitriadou Lindahl

Music composition Konstantina Polychronopoulou

Light design   Aleksandar Jotovic

Dance / co-creation Christina Eutychiou, Fouli Stylianidou.

Konstantina Skalionta

NoFilterNeeded - 15’


#NoFilterNeeded is a common phrase used by social media users i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, when posting an image online that hasn’t been enhanced by any filters and  is perceived to be perfect the way it is.

We are constantly bombarded by images that represent a reality far from the one we actually experience.

We feel the need to state what is real and what is artificial. We impress upon the viewer that in that moment we are ‘unfiltered’, however far from the truth this may be.

#NoFilterNeeded explores what truly lies beneath the surface of a beautifully constructed image.

Α big thank you to everyone who made this performance possible, my collaborators, the Dance House Limassol and Maya Mina for the rehearsal space, and my family for the support.


Concept/ choreography / performance: Konstantina Skalionta

Associated artist: Laura Elias

Sound composition: Ronen Kozokaro

Lighting Design: Panagiotis Manousakis

Photography: Artemis Evlogimenou

Mentors: Pavlos Kountouriotis and Caroline Salem

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.pelma.Lia Haraki (18+)

Humping - 30’


The piece is an erotic ritual.

Three individuals connect sensually enjoying each other's presence. The choreographer takes the instinct of reproduction as a driving force and focuses specifically on the qualities of compassionate intimacy and care, in an attempt to present a humane dimension to the erotic act. The sensual nature of the human body has been mistreated and misunderstood by different industries like the pornographic where it is often abusively exploited, as well as in several religious ideologies where it is often stigmatized as “dirty” and forbidden. The piece suggests a different side to human sexual interaction by highlighting vulnerable sensitivity and caring coexistence. In ‘Humping’ spectators have the opportunity to zoom into one of the most meaningful uses of the human body as it reaches out to become together.



Concept, choreography: Lia Haraki

Performance / movement: Andreas Kentis, Georgia Andreou, Melina Sofokleous

Sound: Yiannis Christofides

Visual design and Promotional image: PASHIAS

Lights: Alexander Jotovic


smHumping by Lia Haraki picture by PASHIAS