Day 2

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Milena Ugren Koulas

The Elephant - 40'
The title of the piece The Εlephant came from the Indian parable where the elephant symbolizes God, surrounded by blind men who want to touch him. Each man is touching different body parts of the elephant thinking that it is something else but, in fact, they are touching the same body. The piece was inspired by how religion affects the relationship between people. Religion and traditions bring people together, but they also separate them. This has existed since the beginning of history.
Choreographer/ Dancer: Milena Ugren Koulas
Dancer/ Co-creation: Eleni O’Keefe
Music: George Koulas, Rodos Panayiotou and Marios Takoushis
Costumes: Ase Lazarou
Lighting design: Aleksandar Jotovic

The performance was funded by Terpsichore (2016), a choreographic research program initiated and sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus.

Alexander Michael

The Mess I’m In - 17'
The choreography The Mess I’m in was originally presented at the Contemporary Dance Platform in 2007. The work explored ideas and possibilities of growing relationships between people and the vision of one’s path. Through musical and spatial patterns, the choreography illustrates one’s self-distorted vision and path in an abstract way. The need to revisit this work comes at a time of personal and choreographic evolution, and provides an opportunity to examine the intention of the work at this time. The movement draws influences from popular culture, namely martial arts films and video games, whilst remaining deeply connected to contemporary dance aesthetic, presenting a psychological study of a person and his/her surroundings.
Choreography: Alexander Michael
Dancers: Dara Milovanovic, Roza Maria Pantzi, Arianna Marcoulides, Elena Gevriel, Fouli Stylianidou
Music: Chris Charalambides
Costumes: Nataly Constantinidou

Lia Haraki - .pelma.Lia Haraki

Word March - 20'
Can choreography be an aural experience?
The piece proposes a choreography of words by physicalizing sound and making movement audible.
The viewing is expected to happen within the spectator’s imagination when assuming what each sound might look like.
The performers are in a constant dialogue of simultaneous talking via repetition and variation.
The power of their coordination was inspired by the fact that unity and togetherness are the strongest forms of resistance.
Concept/Choreography/ Composition/ Performance: Lia Haraki
Performance/ Collaboration in creation: Arianna Marcoulides
Mentor: Guy Cools
Rhythm and sound mentoring: Christos Hadjichristou
Lighting design: Alexander Jotovic
Photographers: Pavlos Vrionides, Souzana Phialas
Image design by Filippos Vasiliades
Supporter by Dance House Limassol

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