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Day 2

Chorotheatro Omada Pende, Chloe Melidou

Επί Των Υδάτων - 30’


Midway upon the journey of our life

I found myself within a forest dark,

For the straightforward pathway had been lost.

Ah me! how hard a thing it is to say

What was this forest savage, rough, and stern,

Which in the very thought renews the fear.

So bitter is it, death is little more;


I cannot well repeat how there I entered,

So full was I of slumber at the moment

In which I had abandoned the true way.


And even as he, who, with distressful breath,

Forth issued from the sea upon the shore,

Turns to the water perilous and gazes;

So did my soul, that still was fleeing onward,

Turn itself back to re-behold the pass

Which never yet a living person left.


Literature Network, Dante Alighieri, Inferno,  Canto I



Choreography: Chloe Melidou

Performers: Magda Argiridou, Marie Georgiou, Marion Efstathiou, Vicky Calla, Evi Karsera, Natalie Tsigi.

Music editing: Dimitris Zachariou

Costumes: Ase

Set: Hardy Hanneman

Maria Kasapi

i-human - 15’


“A couple, two mobiles and a relationship… A relationship between a person and their mobile phone and not between a person with another person. Wondering, how “close” is your relationship with your mobile? Do you really know where to stop? Do you have a little “mobile” in your everyday life, or a little everyday life in your mobile?

However, above all, just remember it is a lie that can tell the truth.”

Melina Sofokleous

Voicemail - 10’


This solo performed by the choreographer aims to explore the challenge of age-led physicality of a contemporary dancer situated in the body of a young dancer. Inspired by narrative stemming from personal voicemail archives the work aims to establish the identity of the performer who will negotiate the balance between abstract, conceptual experimentation and technical virtuosity that defines the current contemporary dance scene needs. The work aims to create an abstract atmosphere allowing the audience freedom to interpret the work.

Deeply rooted in physical exploration, this work will be enhanced by the work of the visual artist Christina Papakyriakou whose live projection of lighting will shape the space. The multimedia nature of the work aims to create a complete sensory experience for the audience.

Panos Malactos

Hire me, please - 15’


Audition as a condition. As a physical and psychological state. As an evolutionary process. As brutality. As a relationship of authority. As a statement. As an obstacle. As a prerequisite. As a "journey". As a journey. As a verdict. As a depreciation of personality. As a retrospect. As a role-playing game. As a rejection. As an exploration of boundaries. As a total availability.


One year after the first part of the Hire Me Please trilogy was presented, Panos Malactos infiltrates and is again exposed to the auditioning condition, through which he, as a “new” dancer, is "obliged" to pass. Using the material of the first part of the trilogy, the dancer and choreographer renegotiates, deepens, and broadens his conceptual references: Hire Me Please 0002 moves shamelessly to the limits of a sarcastic dance performance.

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Amfidromo Chorotheatro, Elena Christodoulidou

We_men - 25’


What do we see? What do we recognize? What have we been told? What did they hide from us? How many Men and Women fit in the same body. Women , combining one scene next to the other, unexpected encounters, swapping speed, spontaneous acts. Love , sexuality, maternity, life struggle, social injustice,immigration,refugee,survival,loss,loneliness,reconnection ,serenity. Women… the Beauty that seems unnecessary for Men’s world: Persecuted, worried , victimized.



Choreography: Elena Christodoulidou

Dancers: Stephanie Papadopoulou, Nicole Yiannaka , Christiana Eftychiou

Music: Charis Sophocleous

Costumes: Rea Olympiou  

Video: Klitsa Antoniou

Lighting design: Alex Jotovic

We_men amfidromo 1sm