Day 1

Chrorotheatro Omada Pende / Roula Kleovoulou humanland 20’ I heard telephones, opera house, favorite melodies. I saw boys, toys, electric irons and TVs. My brain hurt like a warehouse. It had no room to spare. I had to cram so many things. To store everything in there. And all the fat-skinny people, and all the tall-short people. And all the nobody people, and all the somebody people. I never thought I’d need so many people… David Bowie 5 years “Social media” they say… Perhaps the most anti-social movement that has ever existed. Connecting everyone they say… Yes, socializing without a voice, without eye contact, behind screens and keyboards. Einstein saw this coming: “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction”. Human contact has always been a challenge to humanity; technology has just made the problem bigger… ROULA KLEOVOULOU CHOREOGRAPHY: ROULA KLEOVOULOU DANCERS: ARIANNA MARKOULIDES AND MILENA UGREN KOULAS DRAMATURGY: CHLOE MELIDOU TANGO INSTRUCTOR: AGGELIKI AGATHOKLEOUS MUSIC: ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK BY CHRIS CHARALAMBIDES – SOUNDSCAPE STUDIOS COSTUMES: ARIANNA MARKOULIDES MAKE-UP: PANAYIOTIS HADJIFLOURENTZOU LIGHTING DESIGN: PANAYIOTIS MANOUSIS PHOTO CREDIT: PAVLOS VRIONIDIS Special thanks to Marie Georgiou and the Pranayama Studio

Omada pente_Roula Kleovoulou

Panayiotis Tofi Not To Hold 10’ Two bodies surrender to a personal journey of quest and redemption, during which unfulfilled experiences from the past merge with future desires. The growing spatial tension, along with the material absence of bodies, brought to the present through the sense of touch, are combined with alterations of movement quality, intention and meaning. Writings of Susan Leigh Foster, Alice Rayner and Louise Glück have been part of the research. CONCEPT/RESEARCH/CHOREOGRAPHY: PANAYIOTIS TOFI PERFORMANCE: ALEXIA NICOLAOU, PANAYIOTIS TOFI SOUND: EXTRACTS FROM THE MUSIC WORKS OF ERIC HOLM AND GIDGE COSTUME DESIGN: REA OLYMPIOU LIGHTING DESIGN: PANAGIOTIS MANOUSIS PROMOTION PHOTOGRAPHY: STAVROS STAVROU, PANAYIOTIS TOFI Special thanks to Viky Kalla

Panagiotis Tofi nottoholdfinal

Fouli Stylianidou Whispers 17’ Have you ever wondered whether you ever forced yourself to stay tied up on things or situations only because it was easier for you to handle? Αlthough deep inside, you knew it was not? Have you ever found the strength to let go, to say “no” and leave? How many times have you concealed your thoughts while facing an unfair situation? Or how many times did you clench your fist to control yourself? Perhaps you have not had the courage to speak or react to it? I believe, deep inside, we all know the road to happiness. But many of us act against our own instincts, fearing the social consequences, which are so powerful that make us wonder whether we did make those decisions consciously. CHOREOGRAPHER: FOULI STYLIANIDOU DANCERS: LOIZOS CONSTANTINOU, FOULI STYLIANIDOU LIGHTING DESIGN: ALEKSANDAR JOTOVIC

Foulis Stylianidou

Sevim Akpinar VENTURE 10’ Creating an ever-changing physical environment, the three bodies find themselves in a constant state of mobility and transformation that mark new beginnings and a search for refuge. How does the space shape the body that moves with it and how is the body inscribed by this constant journeying? It is the whole idea of re-inventing her engagement with the landscape she traverses by constantly relocating to the “unfamiliar” where a sense of belonging and orientation is to be found. In a reality in which life considers highly what is transitory rather than permanent, the work challenges the notions of fixity, rootedness and stability. Instead, we witness bodies that are constructive and empowered to transform through restless searching and endless journeying. What is the final destination for all of these ‘things’? CHOREOGRAPHER: SEVIM AKPINAR DANCERS: TOYA AKPINAR, LILIYA BIROGUL, SEVIM AKPINAR VIDEOGRAPHER: ISRAEL PIMENTA MUSICIAN: STATHIS DAFALIAS VOICE & NARRATION: FERHAT ATIK SET DESIGNER: UGUR BAHCECI COSTUME DESIGNER: SINEM ERTANER LIGHTING DESIGN: ALEKSANDAR JOTOVIC PHOTOGRAPHER: BARLAS SAHINOGLU MENTORING: MAFALDA DEVILLE

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