Day 1

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Asomates Dynameis Machi Dimitriadou Lindahl

Suppliants - 47’
The work is inspired by The Suppliants, by Aeschylus, the earliest tragedy surviving to this day and the first play in the history of mankind that exposes the issue of violence against women, migration, asylum seeking, as well as the rights of women to decide over their bodies and lives. In their attempt to escape from incestuous marriages and rapes by their Egyptian cousins, the 50 daughters of Danaus cross the Mediterranean Sea and arrive in Greece as refugees and asylum seekers. The story of The Suppliants becomes a canvas, interweaving old and new stories of hope and courage, violence and despair. The young women are more exposed to the hard conditions of migration, to the danger of exploitation and trafficking, and to the inhuman treatment they sometimes receive from their own families. The human drama that inspired the tragic poet 2.500 years ago is, unfortunately, still ongoing.

Choreography/Directing: Machi Dimitriadou Lindahl
Dramaturgy: Machi Dimitriadou Lindahl
Text revision/Acting coach: Annita Santorineou
Music: Giorgos Kolias
Set/ Costumes: Elena Katsouri
Lighting design: Panagiotis Manousis
Performance/ Co-creation: Anna Julia Brendle, Loizos Constantinou, Paulina Ioannou, Vicky Kalla, Christiana Larkou, Alexia Nicolaou, Fouli Stylianidou,.

We warmly thank Annita Santorineou for her companionship and support during this voyage.

The performance was funded by Terpsichore (2016), a choreographic research program initiated and sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus.

Melissa Garcia Carro and Pascal Caron

Fugue - 10'
The Choreographers have co-choreographed this piece taking into consideration that at the origin of the duo, there is a certain idea of the Other as part of the Same. Hence, a duo is not primarily about gender or couple. It is about the distorting mirror effect that we experience every time we really look at someone else and feel, even briefly, that this person is us. A duo is a device of empathy. How close can we be together while remaining apart? How to move with the Other while being the Same?
Choreography/ Performers: Melissa Garcia Carro, Pascal Caron
Visual artist: Melita Couta
Technical support: Marios Constantinides

Alexandra Waierstall

ANNNA - 20'
In ANNNA Alexandra Waierstall creates a physical landscape where movement is weaved like a long breath through ever changing relations of sound and silence, fast shape shifting movements and stillness, where various yet never definite spaces and images emerge. With dancer Anna Pehrsson, musician Volker Bertelman (Hauschka) and visual artist Marianna Christofides, she moves through the archaeology of deeper layers of futuristic utopia that is still to be defined. In each choreographic approach, place and time are undefined and the here and now is generated between vague hints of the future and the bodily presence of the dancer. Softly pulsating, the performer Anna Pehrsson passes through different states referring to what could have or will be.
Concept/Choreography/Creation: Alexandra Waierstall
Performer: Anna Pehrsson
Artistic collaborator: Marianna Christofides
Lighting design: Alexandra Waierstall
Technical support: Yiangos Hadjiyiannis

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