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6.11 - FRIDAY



Lost "between" the past and the future, we experience a sensation of absence from our present. Reminiscing the past often becomes a distressing pathway full of doubt and regret. Sometimes our mind keeps returning to things that have already happened. Some others, our thoughts for the future lead us to fear and restlessness, making us reflect on things that have not happened. Our imagination creates figures that are daunting, images or conditions that hold us hostages and prevent us from living in the present, the only real gift we have.


Vicky Kalla started her studies at the age of 16 with a scholarship at the professional school of dance Epsedanse in Montpellier, France. She studied both classical and contemporary dance, and in 2006 she acquired the state diploma of France “EAT” (Examen D’Attitude Technique). She completed her studies in Greece at the Higher School of Larissa from which she graduated in 2011. In Cyprus, her first collaboration was in 2009 with Amfidromo Chorotheatro for Kypria Festival, and in 2010 she joined the company established for the events of the 50th anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus. Since 2011, she has been living in Cyprus and has collaborated, among others, with Amfidromo Chorotheatro, Asomates Dynameis, Dance Cyprus, Fotis Nikolaou and other choreographers. In 2015 she founded “Kalla Dancing Studio” in Nicosia, which she has been directing. 


Concept: Viky Kalla

Creation & Performance: Viky Kalla & Areti Chourdaki

Music: Odysseas Toumazou

Running time: 10’

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In her new work in progress, the choreographer investigates in form and content the recent experience of creating dance under conditions of lockdown and social distancing. However, she extends her discourse to questions concerning art itself today, to the dialogue that is created between the living and the mediated art, the art that reaches the viewer through the mediation of a screen. How does the present body exist on stage and how does it function when it is projected on the screen? Furthermore, if live art is not excluded from the mediated but is part of the other, what is the intermediate space that develops?                          


Alexandra Waierstall is an artist and choreographer based in Düsseldorf and Nicosia. She holds an MA in Choreography from Artez, the Netherlands. She has presented works at Musée du Louvre - FIAC (Paris), Sadler’s Wells (London), Dansenshus Oslo (Oslo), Julidans (Amsterdam), Mousonturm (Frankfurt), Crossing Festival (Beijing), Fringe Festival (Shanghai), International Festival (Seoul), Senselab (Montreal), Dansenshus Stockholm, Forum Mundial (Sao Paolo), Kunsthalle Mannheim (Mannheim), Bauhaus Museum (Dessau) and others. She received the Upcoming Artist Award 2013 from the city of Düsseldorf, was finalist at the Rolex Mentor Protége (2012), Factory Artist (2014-2016, tanzhaus nrw) and Discovery Artist (2017-2019, UK). She has choreographed the companies National Dance Company of Wales and Tanzmainz.


Concept/Choreography/Costumes: Alexandra Waierstall

Assistant choreographer: Harry Koushos

Dancers: Arianna Marcoulides, Rania Glymitsa, Savvas Baltzis

Videographer: Savvas Baltzis

Text / Voice: Alexandra Waierstall


Technical support: Yiangos Hadjiyiannis

Running time: 25’  

Alexandra Waierstall



A solo performed by the choreographer accompanied by the sounds of a buzuki.


Deconstructed rhythms and sounds of Rembetiko music. Explored parallel to the study of each artists individual internal rhythms, synchronising with each other and with the environment. 


Running time: 15’

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I always wake up in a form and deform myself through others.


Alda Merini


Our body…

People around us…

A touch…

A breath…

Our root…

The land…


The destination…

The way…

Τhe guidance…



The biggest truth…

The truth of truth…

Our truth…



Fotis Nikolaou was born in Famagusta. He graduated from the National School of Dance in Athens and continued his studies in New York. He is the founder of X-it Dance theatre. He has presented his work in Greece, Cyprus, Lyon, Tel Aviv, Munich etc. He collaborated with Cyprus Theatre Organisation (THOC), Balich Worldwide Shows (Italy), Black Box Dance  (Denmark), Gothenburg Opera, Malmö Opera, Greek National Opera and Ballet, National Theatre of Greece etc. He choreographed for the Olympic Games in Athens 2004 and he was a member of Edafos Dance Theatre by Dimitris Papaioannou (1993-2015). In 2011-2013 he received the THOC Choreography Prize.


Choreography: Fotis Nikolaou

Performers: Antonis Antoniou, Anastasis Karachanidis, Giannis Economides, Fotis Nikolaou. With the participation of three other performers.

Costumes: Francesco Infante

Music: Arvo Part

Mask Design: Martha Foka

Running time: 25’